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We stock a full range of parts for all nail guns and staplers brands. We also service and repair small tools including nail guns, staplers, and more!

Construction Materials San Joaquin Valley & Bay Area California

Located in Livermore, CA, we supply building and construction supplies for all types of residential and commercial projects. Call us today at 925-443-7239.

Located in Livermore CA, we sell power tools, nails, fasteners, nail guns, compressors, nuts and bolts, adhesives, and more. We also provide small tool repair and service. Call 925-443-7239 today.

California Nail & Supply Company in Livermore, CA is a leading supplier of construction and building supplies serving San Joaquin Valley and the Bay Area. We sell trade quality tools at great prices with great service. From nails, air nail guns, and gas nail guns to power tools, compressors, fasteners and adhesives, we specialize in a wide variety of materials. Give us a call today at 925-443-7239 today for more information.

At California Nail & Supply Company, we help with both residential and commercial projects make sure you get you the right product for your job. Our knowledgeable staff will help you find the least expensive products with the most optimum quality to ensure that you get the best application or substitution you need.

Engineers, framers, and handy people love us! We even offer small tool repairs and service for nail guns, saws, compressors, generators, and more! If you have a problem with your pneumatic or electrical tool, we can help fix it.

If you are looking for brads, staplers, nails for all applications, construction fasteners, or any other type of hardware or building supplies, California Nail & Supply Company has you covered! We will help you with your specs and provide you with any ICBO information you need to help you save money on materials and labor costs.

Contact California Nail & Supply Company in Livermore CA at 925-443-7239.